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Reviewer: Rosalyn M.
·         Title of the Book:Microsoft Word 2010 Complete
·         ISBN #: 978-0-538-74390-7
·         Author: Shelly Cashman Series
·         Publisher: Cengage
·         # of Book Pages: 458
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I would highly recommend this book for Novice, Students, Office Trainner etc.
This book was easy to understand. Great for anyone that is new to Microsoft Word or new to Word 2010. The directions were easy to understand, very good step by step. Great graphic illustrations. There were lots of help located in the back of the book.

There is additional training available on line and tools for free download on line.

I wish there was a cd with the book, for those that do not have internet available.
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 Reviewer: Tamela W.
·         Title of the Book:Microsoft EXCEL 2010
·         ISBN #: 978-0-538-75005-9
·         Author: Gary B. Shelly, Jeffrey J. Quasney
·         Publisher: Course Technology Cengage Learning
·         # of Book Pages: 487
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The text Microsoft EXCEL 2010 is a great introductory tool for EXCEL 2010. The book provides a walk-through of the various sections, introduces one to Office 2010 and Windows 7, provides a variety of exercises that cover many basic features of EXCEL 2010(one can also access student data files to complete the laboratory assignments), an appendix section that covers project planning, publishing web pages online and saving files to SkyDrive and a Quick Reference Summary. The intended audience for this book would be an IT student at the beginner level - it is written in clear language so that one could work on the material presented out of the classroom, on their time.
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 Reviewer: Baron L. 
·       Title of the Book: SharePoint Foundation 2010
·     ISBN #:978-0-7356-2724-6
·     Author:Errin O'Connor, Penelope Coventry, Troy Lanphier, Johnathan Lightfoot, Thomas Resing, Michael Doyle
·      Publisher:O'Reilly Media
·     # of Book Pages: 760
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This book is written for those who at least have some knowledge of SharePoint. The book is like a reference guide for advance users and IT professional.

I would recommend this book to my IT colleague that have a programming background.

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